Who are YOUTUBERS and what are they doing?


Hi, today we want to talk about a phenomenon which was started over the last few years and was spread in all over the world: YOUTUBERS.

Youtubers are people who make videos on You Tube. At the moment Youtubers have a lot of influence over teenagers because they are nice, they talk about teens' lives and about the things they can do in their free time. The Youtuber is a serious job on social networks. It isn't an easy job because youtubers make the videos and then edit them. Teenagers watch the videos on You Tube because they are funny, they talk about videogames or about daily routine and because they give advice. The most popular youtubers in Italy are St3pNy, Favij, iPantellas, Greta Menchi and The Show.

Anyone can become a YouTuber: you only need creativity, a videocamera and a life to tell to other people. Have a nice day!!!!! 

Giulia, Lucrezia and Daniel